Cave (Try to make myself a work of art)
Solar Gallery, Vila do Conde,

A commissioned work by Solar, “Try to make myself a work of art”, is a site specific work for Solar Gallery space where I will turn the gallery in my home/photo studio and make a serie of photos based on the concept of still/moving images. A process, an irony turning the body and myself on what I want to project, exploring what we could perceive as natural. With a series of simple poses I will model a role, and then throws it away.

Who am I now?

The body is condemned to a series of attitudes, posings, readings. Unable to escape it’s status as a kind of story to be told. Even the most casual poses provoke a detailed, absolutely precise reading of who I’m, and what I’m doing here. It’s déjà vu all over all over again…
Through Solar space, playing, shooting and showing in the same place, It’s as if I’m standing looking right beside the viewer, witnessing while at the same time I’m playing with the wall, with the space, letting them enter and exit myself.

Of course I’m both photographer and subject, this double vision reproduces my story, my film, the sad and the happy ending, and what I’m and what I’m pretending to be.