My name is Rita

DOCfield Barcelona,
Curator: Natasha Christia

"be suitable or appropriate of the right size, shape, or number to occupy a particular place. join or cause to join together to form a whole.Synonyms: join, connect, put together, piece together, attach, unite, link, splice, fuse, weld "concrete slabs were fitted together"

‘My name is Rita’ brings together an archive of self portraits taken over the past decade, the collection of photographs from various years exploring my relationship with my family.
Looking into familiar memories, the present moment combined with past experiences and how it all seems to vanish from our present memory.
The need of photographing my family is the strange feeling of a contradiction between proximity and distance, where I carefully reconstruct reality, exploring my own self, completely blurring the line between reality and fiction.    
Since the first photos were taken 10 years ago, we have come to a mute agreement, a non sense understanding.
I am drawn by the idea of time passing; it is unsettling to me, and capturing the vulnerability of my parents by dressing them up or taking their clothes off, helps me to articulate these emotions, to make sense of them, and to broaden my horizons