Rita Lino is a Portuguese visual artist living and working in Berlin. She began tracing her own path in photography by exploring freely and without any kind of pre-conception of the construction of the still image.

Focusing mainly on her personal work, the photographer has been developing and materialising it in many series of photos as visual exercises that explore a natural obsession with the self and the persona; a continuous work-in-progress using the body as primary matter to be re-created and exorcised.

Lino describes her photography as animalistic, instinctive, intimate, narcissistic, a thousand possible interpretations, a spiritual place, a self-sustained rehab outlined by a brutal transparency.

She’s been developing her personal series, projects and exhibitions all the while collaborating with several international initiatives, artist residencies and international magazines by contributing with her personal work or by creating exclusive photo series and editorials. To date (Sept. 2022), she has released four photo books in her own name with internationally recognised and acclaimed publishers.

Rita Lino is currently based in Berlin.


Portfolio on request.

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