All The Lovers
24 x 34 cm, 48p, edition of 200, numbered
Published by Sauna, 2012

“All the lovers” is the first author book by Rita Lino, an intimate and secret object, a diary, a personal archive that breaks through the mind of a woman, through the life of a loner. For the portuguese photographer there are no boundaries between life and fiction, between the dream and the reality, everything is true, everything is real.

Obsessed by sharing her own intimacy, the author observes herself, studies herself and let the other people do it to, a need, an addiction which is not yet explained, not yet understood. “All the lovers” reveals her collection of memories, her romances, an archive of broken hearts and phantom-past-histories. 
The author revisits and recreates ghosts, materializes them through exhaustive night rituals and exorcisms that bring out memories, fossilized emotions suddenly brought back to life. Rita Lino wants to make sure that “all that drama, all those kisses and hugs”, will never Dissapear, that they will never be forgotten.

Released on a limited series of two hundred numbered copies, “All the lovers” counts with the special participation of the canadian filmmaker and writer Mike Hoolboom, that inspired by Rita Lino series, contributed with the fictional diary “Disappear”.