How To Become Nothing 

Super 8 transferred to HD • col • 70’ • 2017

A false diary on a man’s journey that, more than just disappear, he aims to be nothing, to become nothing.

“How To Become Nothing” brings together the musician Paulo Furtado / The Legendary Tigerman, the photographer Rita Lino and the filmmaker Pedro Maia on a road trip through the Californian desert. A road-movie in a format of a false diary shoot in Super 8, with texts from Paulo Furtado, music from The Legendary Tigerman and photography by Rita Lino. The joining of three visions on a man’s voyage that, more than just disappear, he aims to be nothing, to become nothing.

“How To Become Nothing” is being presented as a live-cinema show where I do the live editing and Paulo Furtado the live soundtrack. “Fade Into Nothing” is a a feature film, a film screen version without the live element, more info at

A project by Rita Lino, Paulo Furtado & Pedro Maia – with Paulo Furtado as MISFIT and Mayumi Pereira, Rita Lino butoh dancer Magali Chastain with Abigail Toll, Alexandra Gruebler, Anastasia Kondratieva, Josiane Mutombo, Juliane Elting, Pauline Drewfs, Philipa Anica and Waka Flocka script by Paulo Furtado, Pedro Maia, Rita Lino directed by Pedro Maia diary written and recorded by Paulo Furtado art-direction by Rita Lino photography by Rita Lino camera by Pedro Maia, Rita Lino original soundtrack by The Legendary Tigerman available on Discos Tigre masks by Riot Films editing by Pedro Maia live cinema by Pedro Maia live soundtrack by The Legendary Tigerman color correction by Carlos Amaral sound design by Pedro Marinho sound mixing by Vasco Carvalho visual effects by Pedro Maia graphic design by Sara Westermann film stock Kodak Vision3 50D / 200T laboratory Andec Filmtechnik Berlin film scanning Korn Manufaktur Berlin sound studio Olho de Vidro sound mixing studio Escola Das Artes – Universidade Católica Portuguesa image post-production Bando à Parte  producers Paulo Ventura, Rodrigo Areias production managers Ricardo Coelho, Melani Afonso production secretary Carlos André production Bando À Parte co-production Metropolitana, Discos Tigre – thanks to Cristina Pereira Kodak Portugal, Curtas Vila Do Conde, Iris Cayatte, Jorge Quintela, Kid Richards, Kim Anh, Luís Araújo, Regis Laugier, Reiner Meyer, Susana Abreu.

Shot at Los Angeles, Desert Christ Park, Twentynine Palms, Joshua Tree, Johnson Valley, Victorville, Usa, Ridgecrest, Death Valley, Amargosa Valley, Zabriskie Point, Badwater Basin and Berlin 2016-2017.

How to Become Nothing
Limited edition 12” LP featuring original songs and a 48 pages photography book by Rita Lino, limited to 300 copies
Published by Pierre Von Kleist, 2019
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In 2016, musician Paulo Furtado aka The Legendary Tigerman went on a road trip through the Californian desert. He wanted to disappear, become nothing, be nothing. The journey was documented by filmmaker Pedro Maia and photographer Rita Lino. The joining of these three visions already produced Maia´s Super-8 film Fade into Nothing starring Tigerman.

All songs by Paulo Furtado aka The Legendary Tigerman

Side A: 20:35

01  Los Angeles, 05/05/2016
02  Dark is the Night
03  Rancho Dolores
04  Everything is Strangely Beautiful, and yet, Scary
05  Desert Girl
06  I Will Never Know Her Name

Side B: 23:27
01  Fade into Nothing
02  Everyday my Back Hurts
03  Hesperia
04  The Hilltop Inn & Suits
05  Victorville
06  The DDFD´S
07  A Little Black Tape Recorder
08  Zhe Dezzert is Pornographic